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Schedule of Fees

Initial Assessment


30 mins

Take a thorough history of the condition and its presentation


Undertake a comprehensive physical examination 


Organise any imaging or specialist investigations such as MRI, CT scans or x-rays as are clinically indicated. 

Communicate effectively and in a timely fashion with your referring professional (GP, therapist, consultants in other specialities)
Time is not allotted for the detailed interpretation of any imaging a client might bring to the initial assessment. If imaging is available and needs to be interpreted and acted upon, an “Initial Assessment Plus” should be booked to allow adequate time for image interpretation. See details below.

Follow Up Appointment


20 mins

Review of imaging or other specialist investigations that were arranged  after the initial assessment and formulation of a treatment plan


Review of ongoing symptoms and any changes in the clinical presentation since the initial assessment (as long as this is within 12 months of the initial assessment) with modification of the treatment plan if needed


Review of progress following treatment (injections, surgery etc.)

Initial Assessment Plus


45 mins

An Initial Assessment Plus combines an Initial Assessment with a review of the available imaging. This allows enough time to provide a comprehensive diagnosis and formulation of an appropriate treatment plan.
The initial assessment plus may not be recognised, or remunerated in full, by your private medical insurer and therefore we recommend that you discuss this with them before booking. If you are given the option to pay a shortfall please contact us so that we can make appropriate billing arrangement. Alternatively, you may need to proceed with separate initial assessment and follow up sessions instead.

Missed Appointments Or Late Cancellations

Missed appointments, or late cancellations (less than 48 hours notice), may incur a charge equal to 50% of the relevant session in question. Cancellations or changes to appointment times must be made by phone or in person and not by email.

If you cannot attend your appointment we would urge you to let us know at the earliest opportunity so that we can offer the appointment to another patient in good time.

Important Information Regarding AXA PPP, Simply Health, Aviva and Vitality 
Insurance Policies

Currently Nick Birch is not recognised by AXA PPP for payment of his fees. If you are insured with Aviva or Vitality, please contact your insurer to understand the up to date fee schedules that they have authorised.

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